Chris Malanga, MA, LPC, Affiliate

Chris Malanga MA, LPC is a Master’s level psychotherapist with 6 plus years of clinical experience. His areas of expertise are couples work, mens and fathers work, issues with anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Chris graduated from Naropa University in Boulder Colorado in 2007 with a Masters in Contemplative Psychotherapy. Chris has a deep appreciation for supporting fathers and couples in their transition into parenthood, whether it be with their first child or their last. Chris practices a strength based, mindfulness centered approach to his work as a practitioner and as a Birthing From Within Educator.Chris supports individuals and couples to overcome the roadblocks which prevent them from living life to its fullest.

“In my work, I have found that people who have a strong sense of worthiness and belonging live rich and full lives, and are able to pass those internal beliefs on to their children. Unfortunately most of us lose that sense of self -love early in life and do not believe that we have the time, energy, or resources to rediscover it. One of the many gifts of parenthood is that the impending birth of a child can re-awaken the desire to fulfill our highest potential.”


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