The PPSC Support Community



Thanks for your interest in joining the PPSC Support Community!

We have created this sign-up on fb to direct you to the closed support group created so moms can find support from other new moms 24/7 in a more private setting. This is especially helpful if you are  concerned about the way you are feeling and the emotions you are experiencing.

If you are already a “fan” of The Postpartum Stress Center Facebook page, send a PM (private message) to our PPSC facebook page with your email. We will send you an “invite” with a link so you can join the group.

If you are not yet a fan, please “like” our page and then send us a private message with your email for inclusion to the group.

Please be sure to read our Rules of Participation that are pinned to the top of the posts or click here to read them.






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