Doctors? Nurses? Frontline Healthcare Providers? ARE YOU LISTENING?

In light of the recent focus on the inexcusable ways some healthcare providers respond to acute distress in postpartum mothers, let us do some teaching here. Please share and inform your local resources. **NOTE TO ALL HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS** Some postpartum women are afraid to tell you how they really feel. They are worried that you […]

Is Suicide Contagious?

Published on August 13, 2014 by Karen Kleiman, MSW, LCSW in This Isn’t What I Expected PSYCHOLOGY TODAY     While much of the entertainment world and its devoted audience continue to grapple with the abrupt death of a beloved public figure, the loss of Robin Williams seems to have triggered an avalanche of panic […]


SUICIDE ASSESSMENT FOR A POSITIVE EPDS SCREEN (#10)  Are you asking the hard questions? Do not make the mistake of thinking that she looks too good to be that sick. Every single woman who walks into your office could be having thoughts of hurting herself.  Regardless of how she looks, what she says, how she […]

Journalists, Doctors, Everyone: Let’s Get it Right

Let’s get it right. Lives depend on it. There are, to be sure, tons of complex theories and contradicting explanations when it comes to mental illness and diagnoses. Discussing maternal mental health is no exception. Definitions are blurry, research is not always consistent with what we see in clinical practice, experts challenge existing classifications, and […]

Dads and Depression: Should We Call it Postpartum Depression?

Yesterday, Katie Couric talked about postpartum depression with Dr. Craig Garfield and Craig, a father who experienced paternal depression. The research study carried out by Dr. Garfield was groundbreaking and brings attention to the needs of dads during the postpartum period. We discussed this “together” in the article in The Atlantic, “Postpartum Depression Can Happen […]

4 Things You Must Do If You Have Postpartum Depression

1) Name it. If you have been given a diagnosis from a doctor you trust, accept this so you can begin to move forward. Acknowledge it.  PPD is a real illness that has a name, a treatment course, and an end to it, called recovery. Do not let your fear convince you that things are […]

Be Your Own Best Advocate

Doctors do not agree on a definition of postpartum depression. Some are misinformed. Some may miss the symptoms. If doctors really understood that postpartum emotional illnesses are the most common complication of childbirth, would they continue to dismiss the symptoms? Family members may or may not understand the seriousness of postpartum depression. Some are naïve […]

Postpartum Psychosis: What you might not know

Published in Psychology Today on October 6, 2013 by Karen Kleiman, MSW, LCSW in This Isn’t What I Expected When most people imagine someone with psychosis, thoughts of unbridled madness come to mind. What does that look like? How do you imagine insanity would reveal itself? Are you convinced you would be able to identify someone suffering from […]

Moms and Children Are Still Dying: It’s time for everyone to get involved

I just hung up the phone with Randy Turner, reporter for the Winnipeg Free Press. Last week he wrote this piece, on the disappearance of 32-year old Lisa Gibson and the death of her two children, 2 year old Anna and 3 month old Nicholas.  On Friday, the news turned even more tragic when they […]

Are We Paying Enough Attention To Postpartum Psychosis?

(This post is authored by a woman who survived postpartum psychosis and hoped her story could help others find the help they need to recover as quickly as possible.I sincerely thank her for her heartfelt and courageous contribution. ~kk) Let us start with the present. I am a happy, mentally healthy, physically healthy(ish), 31 year […]

An Important Viewpoint from Israel

There is an incredibly important message not to be missed in this article, “Dealing with Postnatal Depression” by Paul Brown, in the Jerusalem Post. Unfortunately, there are a couple of sentences that might make some folks cranky so I thought I’d put it out there you can bypass any temptation to respond defensively and listen to the […]

How do you know if what you are feeling is okay or not?

You’re irritable. Who wouldn’t be, you haven’t slept well in weeks. You’re weepy. Don’t all new mothers feel overwhelmed and sad sometimes? You’re anxious. Of course you are. There are so many changes to get used to at once. How do you know if what you are feeling is okay or not? There are clinical […]

More on postpartum depression and bipolar illness

Please note they refer to “severe” postpartum depressive episdoes. Acute Postpartum Mental Illness Linked To Later Bipolar Diagnosis (via redOrbit) Women suffering from postpartum depression shortly after giving birth are more likely to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder later in life, according to a Danish study published Monday in the Archives of General Psychiatry. The […]

Screening Protocol

As a follow-up to our post on postpartum depression and bipolar illness we are urging all clinicians to incorporate a screen for both symptoms of bipolar illness and psychosis when assessing all postpartum women.  At the PPSC, we use the Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ) (don’t forget to cite the authors if you opt to copy it.) […]

PPD and Bipolar?

It has come to our attention that a number of women are confused about the potential relationship between postpartum depression and bipolar illness. My recent psychology today post sheds some light on this and hopefully, will help clarify some issues. As always, always let your treating physician know what your concerns are. Clinician Note: If […]

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