A Note to Dads: Could You Be Depressed?

It’s possible that you too may be experiencing symptoms of depression. A study by Paulson in 2006 reported that 10% of all new dads experience symptoms of a clinical depression after the birth of a baby. That’s one out of every ten dads! Not only is it more common than we ever knew but if […]

I’m not ashamed. I had a miscarriage.

There’s something that women everywhere need to talk about.  It’s time, time to bring it out from its hidden place of shame and solace.  It is time to make this mainstream. Miscarriage. A shocking 25% of woman will experience such a loss.  One in four women.  That is a devastating number.  Do you know anyone […]

Tragedy and Joy: A Most Painful Oxymoron

After the recent horrific events in Newtown, Connecticut, I was not surprised to find client after client expressing overwhelming sadness. Suddenly, the trauma that impacted previously unknown families cascaded across state lines right into the homes and hearts of every parent on the planet. Gut-wrenching anxiety soared. What if it happens here?                 How can […]

Wishing everyone an early Happy Mother’s Day!Find something wonderful, and then,surround yourself with it…..

Dads Have Questions Too!

Ten years ago in 1997, The Chicago Tribune reported a lack of availability of information for new and expectant fathers. At the time, new programs in various cities across the country were meeting with exceptional responses from participants. New fathers who partook in these pilot programs reported feeling better equipped for their new role, and […]

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