Starter Kit for PPD Experts

Set your PPD private practice in motion! In addition to your own brochures and business cards, we have found that postpartum women and healthcare providers seek concrete information and support.

The following cards and information used by The Postpartum Stress Center are now available for your clinical practice to get you started!

Cost per kit = $175.00 FREE shipping + handling.  Click here to order.

Each kit includes: 

5.47″ x 3.21″

Card to give to clients so they can provide a script to loved ones who may feel at a loss for words or how to help.(20 per kit)

6″ x 11″ 2-sided

Double-sided information sheet on tear-off pad. (1 per kit/50 sheets)

4.21″ x 5.47″

Tear-off pad to give your client so she can hand it to her physician to be placed in her medical file. This will ensure continuity of care when she is seen by other doctors in the practice. This pad and the pad below have been designed with space for your professional information.(2 per kit/50 sheets)

4.21″ x 5.47″

Tear-off pad for doctors to have so they can hand a sheet to their patient with your referral information on it. Patient then brings this to you to facilitate a dialogue between you and her treating physician.(2 per kit/50sheets)

8.5″ x 5.47″

Fact sheet on scary thoughts for healthcare providers on over-sized postcard. Can be mailed or included in packet.(20 per kit)


 Postcard for healthcare providers to increase screening awareness.(20 per kit)

4.21″ x 5.47″

“Prescription pad” to keep at your side for new PPD clients to help them focus on what needs to be done in order for them to start to feel better.(2 per kit/50 sheets)

8.5″ x 5.47″

Over-sized postcard to inform and enlighten women to advocate for their own best healthcare.To be marketed for doctor’s offices who are interested in sending the message to their patients that they are committed to their emotional well being.(20 per kit)


Thank you for using our PPSC materials to help you get started on your PPD practice. Going forward, we do ask, if you create your own materials, that you either credit the PPSC or you make changes that reflect your personal work and not our intellectual property.

Good luck and work well!

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