New discussion forum for PPD clinicians!

Our PPSC community now has a new forum on our message board that is exclusively for PPD clinicians.

The blurb on the “Healthcare Practitioner Discussion” forum reads: This forum is for therapists and other providers who manage or treat women with perinatal depression and anxiety. We can exchange ideas for clinical practice, ask for opinions on specific issues or share personal experiences with our work. It be open for all to lurk but we ask that posting be limited to professional use.

I’m excited about this because so many of us who do this work need a common place to meet and discuss ideas. It will be great to bounce these ideas off of other therapists who specialize in this area. It will be especially nice for those of you who have been in our training sessions together and can continue to collaborate or just touch base to see how your work is progressing.

Please spread the word so clinicians can take advantage of this chance to meet, chat, and grow professionally.

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