Hypnosis and PPD

Good news for Joe! As reported in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis (Jan 2007 ;49(3):219-23) hypnosis for depressive disorders is being recognized as an effective intervention strategy. This article is a single case report of the successful treatment of postpartum depression by hypnosis.

This is something we have known at the PPSC for a long time! As the report indicates, hypnosis can address the specific symptoms and help the client develop healthier responses and coping skills. Joe, our own resident hypnotherapist, has been using hypnosis to help our clients with specific symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, obsessive thinking, chronic pain, childbirth, phobias, to name a few. We’ve known this has been a tremedously helpful intervention but it’s always nice to get validation from the academic community! 😉

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