More on the military and postpartum depression

J Obstet Gynecol Neonatal Nurs. 2007 Jan-Feb;36(1):38-46. “Postpartum fatigue in the active-duty military woman.” Rychnovsky JD. Nursing Research and Analysis Department, Naval Medical Center San Diego, CA 92134, USA.
The study set out to examine the fatigue levels of 109 military active-duty women and also to determine the relationship among some predictor variables of fatigue

“Over half the women had not regained full functional status when they returned to work, and 40% still displayed symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety.”

The study concluded that military women continue to experience postpartum fatigue when they return to the workplace and suggested that further research is needed to explore issues of fatigue and its associated variables during the first year after delivery.

Seems that this would be a good population for further study and certainly intervention to reduce risk factors and stress levels!

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