New PPSC Tools for postpartum depression

We have two new important tools available on our website you might be interested in.

For clients: “Are you having thoughts that are scaring you?”

Women who experience negative intrusive thoughts are not always sure what they are, what they mean, or what to do about them. It can be one of the most terrifying symptoms of PPD or PPOCD. This information will offer explanations, comfort and guidance to women who are suffering with this distressing symptom.

When you go to the “Could I Have PPD?” page, click on the button in the upper right corner that reads “Are you having thoughts that are scaring you?”

For clinicians: Suicide Assessment

On the healthcare practitioner page we now have a suicide assessment questionnaire to be used as a follow up for women who score a positive EPDS (1,2,or 3 on #10) Please take the time to refer to it now and be certain to use it as a guide for each and every client when it is applicable. If you go to our main page, click on “Info for Healthcare Practitioners”. Then scroll down to the Suicide Assessment questionnaire with brief explanations. Below that link is a second link to a clean questionnaire (without added explanation notes) that can be downloaded for your use.

(Please refer to, for an in depth discussion “PPD Safety Assessment: Identifying Patients at High Risk for Psychosis, Suicide, and Homicide” presented by Margaret G. Spinelli, MD which inspired this assessment)

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