Prevent Depression Relapse?

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that maintenance interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) — which focuses on relationships and life events which may trigger depression — is effective in preventing recurrence of depression for many women who struggle with chronic depressive symptoms.

Instead of the traditional once-a-week therapy session, the therapy is at monthly intervals. The study, published in the May issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry reports that the women who received preventative monthy therapy were no more likely to have a recurrence of their depression than those who received IPT two or four times a month. Furthermore, the authors concluded that these maintenance therapy sessions can be used for those that do may not want to take psychiatric meds for a long period of time.

“Many people, especially women of childbearing age or those taking medications for other conditions, may not feel comfortable taking antidepressants for long periods of time,” said Ellen Frank, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

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