A Poem to Help Ease the Guilt….

The Good Mother
by T. McGarrigle
June ’07
To be a good mother was a priority in my plan,
A painted nursery, tiny clothes and shoes, the safest minivan.
I tried to have it all mapped out so all would flow just fine.
What I didn’t realize is that babies don’t easily follow along these lines.
Hectic and unpredictable our life has now become.
I envy those Good Mothers — I wanted to be one.
Now my picture-perfect life seems to unravel before my eyes.
I choke back tears and force a smile. Good mothers do not cry.
Are those good mothers really as all-together as they seem?
Perhaps they are, but to me right now, it only is a dream.
My dream of being a good mother keeps my mind always running wild.
Just for this moment, I need to pause and embrace my little child.
As I look around me, I watch how my standards fall.
Does it really matter if I’m not always on the ball?
The frustration of trying to do it all makes for a heavy laden heart.
Lowering my expectations right now is really very smart.
I know that deep inside of me is the strength to see this through.
For now, I’ll do the best I can… for that’s what good mothers do.

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