Another Reason to Treat Depression During Pregnancy? (Or Another Reason to Feel Guilty?)

ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 27 (UPI) []

“Babies born to women who are anxious or depressed while pregnant may have trouble sleeping at night as infants and toddlers, a U.S. report suggests.”

The study, published in the journal Early Human Development
, (14,000 women in Britain) reports that babies born to anxious or depressed pregnant women were about 40 percent more likely to exhibit sleep-related problems such as trouble going to bed, waking up early or to crawling out of bed, according to lead author Thomas O’Connor, a psychiatrist at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Apparently, other studies that offer some preliminary understanding that stress, (associated with an increased in the stress hormones cortisol), may “disrupt a child’s formation of a bundle of nerve cells in the brain that tunes the body’s internal clock.” (United Press International)

Geez………………….can we classify this under information we would be just as happy not to know?

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