Welcome Serena!

All of us at The Postpartum Stress Center are grateful to have Serena Jacobs, MSW, join our wonderful team of postpartum specialists.

Serena brings great passion and dedication to her work and we know the women she treats will feel comforted in her presence.

Here’s what she has to say about her work:

“After a decade in the field of social services, I’m excited to be integrating my knowledge and experience at The Postpartum Stress Center. I believe that with the right support, women and their families can harness their own inner wisdom and strength. For those women that feel confused about their new role in motherhood, I would be honored to help them find their way back to comfort and peace, successfully incorporating their new role as a mother into their lives. I pledge to meet each client where they are emotionally so we may collaborate together to formulate the best treatment plan for her and her family in a safe and empowering environment.”

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