Ran across this glowing review and preview of Nadine’s exquisite work on, In the Shadow of My Son in New York.


Here’s the review: (Newbie NYC)

So far, I’ve been fortunate enough to see two Fringe plays:In the Shadow of My
Son: Rough, gripping, sometimes humorous play about postpartum depression.
Yep, that is right. But the work
is important and informative, and the gentle direction allows your heart to break for the women whose identities are dwarfed by newborns and misunderstood by our ‘cult of the child’ society. Knockout performances by writer/director Nadine Bernard and spitfire Alexandra Gilman.

And here’s the preview: (

In the Shadow of My Son, is an ensemble play which questions our cultural mores about the transition to motherhood. The play follows three diverse women through their struggles with and recovery from postpartum depression and anxiety disorders. From Trystan, the modern working mom, Leah, the sweet, Jewish, suburban mom, and Dolores, the spunky, Latina teen mom, the play weaves in and out of their stories, choral numbers, and interludes with our two zany hosts, Rainbow Mom and Earth Mother. This all takes place against a backdrop of boxes, nursery colors and children’s toys. We are confronted with the shame, stigma, and isolation of mental illness, the insensitivity of medical staff, and the confining stereotypes of motherhood. The play reaches towards other cultures for hope, solutions, and the support we can all give new mothers

There has been a lot of recent hype in the media about postpartum depression, from Brooke Shields conflicts with Tom Cruise to court cases involving infanticide. But what do people know apart from the sensational cases? What do they know about the one out of six mothers who suffer in silence? It is time to look at what’s going on, why there are so many scared, “out of control,” clinically depressed, and suicidal new mothers. This play reveals our society’s focus on pregnancy but complete lack of focus on a woman as an individual after her baby is born. Where are the long maternity leaves and the supportive community center hang-outs? Where is the postnatal healthcare, the cool postpartum outfits, the presents for the women behind the boxes of baby gifts? Where are the options in an age we are supposed to have options?

In the Shadow of My Son has received an overwhelming response from audiences across the USA and in Canada. The show has garnered attention and earned high praises from numerous individuals and organizations. The time was right to bring the show to the New York City theater community.

This is so wonderful, Nadine! 🙂

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