Tips to Help Boost Low Self-Esteem

I love the tips this website offers to help us feel better. These are some of the tools we use in therapy and they really do help so take the time and try it. Check out their website they have some other helpful bits of information you might find interesting.

From Everyday Health/Women’s Health:

Make a list of :

  • At least 5 of your strengths, for example, persistence, courage, friendliness, creativity
  • At least 5 things you admire about yourself, for example, the way you have raised your children, your good relationship with someone in your family, or your spirituality
  • The 5 greatest achievements in your life so far, like recovering from a serious illness, graduating from high school, or learning to use a computer
  • At least 20 other accomplishments — they can be as simple as learning to tie your shoes, to getting an advanced college degree
  • 10 ways you can “treat” or reward yourself that don’t include food and that don’t cost anything, such as walking in woods, window-shopping, or chatting with a friend
  • 10 things you can do to make yourself laugh
  • 10 things you could do to help someone else
  • Things that you do that make you feel good about yourself

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