PPD Research Project: Second Phase

The Postpartum Stress Center announces
the second phase of our research project!

To All PPD Advocates:

As many of you know, I have been collaborating with a research team at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine who have expertise in postpartum distress and scale design. We have performed an initial statistical analysis on a new postpartum distress scale.

At this stage, we would like to re-test our proposed scale items, along with established measures, such as the Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale (EPDS).

We need approximately 100 postpartum women (with babies up to 12-months old) to complete this phase of the study. I am hoping that you will post a link to the questionnaire, which is offered online, for your members or your clients, to help us further validate this measure.

The survey will probably only be up for a month or so.

As always, thanks for your participation.

For an email link to the survey, copy and paste:


To enter the survey from here, click here:

For more info, email Karen Kleiman at kkleiman@postpartumstress.com or Kelly Allison at Penn kca@mail.med.upenn.edu

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