Working Moms are Tired….. ;)

As reported at Medpage today: “Nearly three months after giving birth, many employed first-time mothers still complained of fatigue and mental and physical symptoms associated with giving birth.”

File this under “duh” but very important:

(And how nice that researchers are validating what we have known to be true and mothers have been saying for a very long time)

Main points:

–“At 11 weeks postpartum, working women reported an average of 4.1 childbirth-related symptoms, most frequently fatigue, reported Pat McGovern, Ph.D., of the University of
Minnesota here, and colleagues in the November/December issue of Annals of Family Medicine.
Given the increased numbers of new mothers in the workplace, it is important to understand their need for rest and recovery and the factors that promote women’s postpartum health and successful return to work.”

–“Postpartum fatigue, the most frequently reported symptom (43%), may be caused by recovery from childbirth, child care responsibilities, reduced sleep, and anemia. Infants’ sleep pattern and maternal fatigue have been shown to be strongly associated with depressive symptoms, suggesting that fatigue is important in its own right, and may lead to other more serious problems.”

–“Women whose fatigue or postpartum symptoms limit daily functioning may find it helpful to have clinicians counsel them on strategies to decrease job stress and increase social support at work and at home.”

–“Physicians should discuss with women their plan to return to work and possibly certify their use of intermittent family and medical leave to help them manage their symptoms.”

Here’s the article.


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