Depression and Our Children

As reported in Science Daily, new research (“Kids of Depressed Moms More Prone to Behavioral Problems and Injury”) reports on the impact of maternal depression on children’s behavior and injury rates after tracking the health of new mothers and their children in a longitudinal study. 94 children (under the age of 6) had sustained injuries that required medical attention during the study period.

“Children whose mothers scored persistently high marks on the depression scales were more than twice as likely to have been injured as those whose mothers had a low rating. And the children whose mothers had a high rating were significantly more likely to have behavioural problems and the ‘act out.’ Boys were more at risk than girls.”

The authors suggest that depression may be associated with an increase in the risk of behavorial problems in children which can put them more at risk for injury. They also suggest it might be related to less effective supervision of the children.

… More reason to make sure mothers with depression get the help they need.


BMJ-British Medical Journal (2007, December 5). Kids Of Depressed Moms More Prone To Behavioral Problems And Injury.

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