New Blog for PPD!

There is a new blog for women struggling with PPD called ppdconnect: mothers with postpartum depression helping other mothers. It has been created by a woman (she prefers to remain anonymous) currently struggling with PPD and she is encouraging other women to post their stories as an avenue for further support. Sounds like a wonderful way to reduce the isolation.

Here’s an excerpt from her first post:

Currently struggling with Postpartum Depression myself, I decided to start this blog as a way for mothers to share their stories so that they can help other mothers not feel so alone. PPD is a very real and serious illness and many times women find it difficult to admit their feelings to others and more importantly to themselves. By starting PPDConnect, I am hoping that women will find that sharing their stories and feelings will not only be therapeutic but will also help in aiding awareness and recovery for other women with Postpartum Depression.

Please visit her site and consider contributing your story to it if you would like others to read it and offer support.

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