PPD Training

Great weekend training!

I feel so incredibly fortunate and honored to meet quarterly with clinicians from around the country who gather together to study this special area of clinical expertise!

This weekend was another warm and inspiring two day adventure, despite Philadelphia’s lack of cooperation in the weather department. What an absolute joy it is for me, both personally and professionally, to be a part of this intimate learning experience.

Thank you to Laura, Tara, Jill, Stacey, Laura, Courtney, Jessica and Jacquelyn! Your passion and commitment to this work will take you to wonderful places in your work. Good luck and of course, keep me posted!


Just a reminder that the dates have been changed to June 13-14. Also note that our training has expanded to a 10-hr training, adding two hours to the Sat schedule. The fee has also increased to reflect this change. If you have already registered for this June training, we will accept your payment as full payment, but please do note the additional hours of training so you can adjust your travel accommodations accordingly.

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