Webinar Series on Meds During Pregnancy and Lacation

There is a new webinar series sponsored by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) titled, “Exposure to Psychotropic Medications and Other Substance during Pregnancy and Lacatation”

According to their website: “This series is for primary care physicians, psychiatrists, pharmacists, obstetricians, midwives, public health nurses, nurse practitioners and therapists/counsellors who provide advice, information and care to women who are taking psychotropic medications or other substances during pregnancy and postpartum.”

Each 45-60 min. webinar is free of charge and easily accessible by any computer

For information on the series schedule and registration instructions, click here.

Also worth noting, in 2003, the centre published the book: “Is it Safe for My Baby?: Risks and recommendations for the use of medication, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs during pregnancy and breastfeeding.”

From the CAMH website:

“This resource gives information about the relative risk and safety of prescription, over-the-counter and illegal drugs, along with alcohol, tobacco and other substances to the unborn baby (fetus) when the mother is pregnant and the baby when breastfeeding. It also provides recommendations to discuss with your health care provider.”

Here’s a partial list of substances included in the book:
Allergy meds
Anti-anxiety meds
Anti-nausea meds
Asthama meds
Birth Control pills
Cold and cough remedies
Herbal remedies
Household chemicals
Mood stabilizers
Sleeping pills

Looks good to me. You can order this book from Amazon or you can download a pdf order form from CAMH. The book is costly and they make it available for viewing and downloading on their website, which is extremely helpful.

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