Sleep and Postpartum Depression

Another for the “we knew this already but it’s better to have research to back it up” file:

A recent study carried out locally at Drexel University, by Bobbie Posmontier, “Sleep quality in women with and without postpartum depression” set out to measure the quality of sleep in postpartum women who were depressed versus those who were not depressed.

Their conclusion:

Women with postpartum depression experienced poorer sleep quality than non-depressed women. Furthermore, sleep disturbance was greater, the more severe the PPD symptoms. The recommendations were that clinicians help facilitate improved sleep quality in depressed mothers in order to decrease the symptom severity.

This is true. What is just as important to note is:

When we treat the symptoms of the depression, the sleep quality is likely improve. So be alert to the reciprocal relationship.

citation: J Obstet Gynecol Neonatal Nurs. 2008 Nov-Dec;37(6):722-35

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