PPD screening in pediatric offices

Clinicians note:

A new study published in the May issue of PEDIATRICS looked at the issue of screening for postpartum depression at pediatric well-visits.

It was carried out at an adolescent-oriented maternity clinic and it’s interesting to note that the providers were electronically cued when they opened the electronic file of a patient who had scored >10 on the EPDS indicating that they could be re-screened. (I want one of those!)

Prevalence went down when the rescreened at 4 months but increased at 6 months therefore the recommendation put forth from this study was that rescreening at the 6 months well-visit would be most beneficial.


“Screening 2 months after delivery detects most mothers who become depressed during the first 6 postpartum months, and screening at the 6-month well-child visit is preferable to screening at the 4-month visit.”

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