Melanie Warady, representing Cause and Effect (an organization working with PBS) has asked that we let you know about this upcoming project “This Emotional Life” which has partnered with PSI. Our favorite Katherine Stone will be blogging on their site:

“This Emotional Life is a two-year outreach campaign anchored by a PBS series, (airing January 4 – 6, 2010) that examines the science behind our emotions, the challenges to our well-being, and the keys to happier lives. This groundbreaking, multi-platform endeavor is focused on emotional well-being and happiness, designed to help people foster stronger social relationships. The project includes a three-part, nationally broadcast series on PBS in early 2010, a dynamic and content-rich website, a national outreach campaign, and education toolkits created to support two topics within this series we felt required additional action. Postpartum mood disorders is a featured topic within the campaign.” Melanie Warady

For more information click here.

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