Clinician alert: Clinicians have been asking for some sort of online webinar so those that have to travel far distances could benefit from our specialized clinical training. We have spent much time considering the advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing and have concluded that due to the unique nature of our training, the small group format is essential and this can only be achieved live and in-person. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve been here why this is so crucial to the training. I would love to make it easier for clinicians to get the same benefit without the hassle of traveling but we are confident that this experience can not be replicated through video and the essence of what we are teaching would be lost.

We are considering a follow up group teleconference for participants of the training who might be interested in ongoing group supervision. If you have taken our training and this is something that appeals to you, email us at

I hope this clears things up. Do not hesitate to let me know your concerns and how we can help make this vital information available to you.

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