I thought I’d share a gem from my mother, who is my greatest source of inspiration. She sent me this quote after I shared some thoughts from my day’s work. After the quote, are her thoughts on the subject. She turns 80 later this year.

“As the Sufi Pir Vilayet Inayat Khan said: ‘You are feeling the pain of the Cosmos. You must meet it with joy, and without a feeling of self-pity.’

“Ah, yes, that is exactly what I believe. We thinking people cannot help but be aware of the pain in the universe, and indeed we are allowed to feel it, but we must not be overcome by it. Whatever happens in life, we must continue to find the bits of joy around us, nourish them and make them grow, even while we accept the unexpected and perhaps unwanted effects on ourselves without self-pity. So it is my determination and also part of my regular morning practice to greet each new day with all the joy I can muster. I wake up, rise out of bed, and, even if my joints ache or my head spins, I feel the joy in my face, in my muscles, in my heart. I may glance a look in the mirror to make sure no stress wrinkles are seen around my eyes. I approve the look of my face and feel a smile I don’t have to force into being. Life is good. I am ready for another day.”

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