Clinician Note: Many of you have mentioned to me that you hand out some of my books to your clients, or keep them in your libraries for clients to have access to. I would love to donate some books to those of you who have been so generous with your own resources. If you would like a copy or two or more of 1) The Postpartum Husband and/or 2) What Am I Thinking? — please email me at and put PPD Book donation in the subject line. Then, tell me how you use the books in your clinical practice and how many you would like. Also include your mailing address of course and we will have some books sent to you as a thank you for your dedication to this work and to your clients. If you know of local libraries who might be interested, please include them in your count and in your explanation so we can send additional ones for you to distribute. Thanks, in advance, for all you do on behalf of postpartum women.

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