Clinician Note: During many of our PPD trainings, clinicians have posed the question of whether home visits for postpartum women is solid therapeutic intervention as well as a prudent clinical option. This has led to numerous discussions weighing the pros and cons of home-based treatment for postpartum women. The jury is still out on this one and in general, it is up to the individual therapist as well as the needs of a particular community to dictate whether this mode of treatment would be feasible.

But what cannot be disputed is the intrinsic value of the concept itself. It is understood that the symtpoms many postpartum women, for a variety of reasons, might paralyze her rendering her unable to physically commit to therapy sessions. Sleep deprivation, excruciating anxiety, scheduling demands, scary thoughts, stigma of treatment, incapacitating depression or fear, to name a few, could clearly interfere with her ability to take care of herself and follow up with therapy sessions. And of course, there are tons of communities where logistical obstacles prevail, such as transportation, or lack of community resources.

Regardless, it’s an interesting notion that clinicians who are eager to pioneer this rather uncharted territory might want to consider. There is preliminary research that demonstrated the value of this work.

Keep in mind, however, there are crucial considerations such as maintaining boundaries, that can inhibit the success of this work. As always, good supervision is a must.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, particularly, if you have initiated this work in your community.

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