5 steps to postpartum balance:

1) Toss out all expectations. Forget just lowering them. Forget realistic expectations. Have none right now. Right now, you need to eat, rest, breathe, get some sunshine, sleep, smile. Yes, force yourself to smile if it doesn’t come naturally right now.

2) Avoid solitude. Time alone will be nice later, but for now, if you are newly postpartum or not feeling well, being alone will not help. Surround yourself with people who love you and who can help. Whether you are in the mood for that or not. There is evidence to prove it will reduce your feelings of anxiety and depression.

3) Ignore your scary thoughts. For now, just accept that they are there and let them be. They are a reflection of your anxiety and do not mean anything bad is going to happen. Give them no power or attention.

4) Find butterflies. Look for joy if it doesn’t come easily right now. Little things. Giggles. Balloons. Candy. Cartoons. Ribbons. Lipstick. Old friends. Hugs. They have great healing power.

5) Wait. You will not always feel this way. You will feel like yourself again. Believe that good things are going to happen. If not now, soon.

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