How do you know when something isn’t right?

“… anxiety is a symptom that calls attention to the sufferer. We hear it, we feel it, we respond to it. It is a symptom that begs to be noticed. It is not, however, a symptom that always worries me.

Symptoms that worry me are those that seek no audience, symptoms that to an untrained eye or ear, remain inconspicuous.

A voice that doesn’t sound right.

Behavior that doesn’t feel right.

Eyes that don’t look right.

Something out of character, something that sends a warning to our sensibilities that we may not yet completely understand. We might hear it on the phone. We might see or feel it in our first session. Subtle symptoms that might otherwise go unnoticed can be urgent cries for help that require immediate intervention.”

-Therapy and the Postpartum Woman (Routledge, 2009)

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