Perfection Getting in Your Way?


When being a good enough mother doesn’t feel good enough

If you’ve recently had a baby, do you…

cCompare yourself to other mothers?

cFeel increasingly angry with your partner?

cWonder if are or will be a good enough mother?

cThink you should be doing a better job as a mother?

cMiss who you were before you had a baby?

cMake sure you look “just right” in front of others, particularly if you’re not feeling so well?

cFeel better if your bed is made, the kitchen is clean, the toys are put away, the laundry is done?

cFeel unsettled if things are out of order or not the way you want them to be in the house?

cFeel as though you are being judged or criticized?

cThink you are being especially hard on yourself?

cSecretly wish you had your old life back again?

cWorry that if you let someone know how you’re really feeling, they won’t understand at all?

cResent the fact that you’re the only one doing everything that needs to be done?

cObsess about things that never used to bother you?

cFeel misunderstood, that no one appreciates how much you are doing and why you feel so overwhelmed?

cThink you are the one who is most capable and best qualified to take care of the baby and the household?

cWonder what would happen if you decided not to do so much?

cSometimes feel you are simply going through the motions?

cFear that you haven’t bonded to your baby the way you think you should have by now?

cDoubt that you will ever feel attractive or interested in sex again?

cReply “fine” every time anyone asks you how are you feeling regardless of how you are feeling?

cWish you could find the joy in motherhood instead of focusing on how you should be doing things better?

cWonder if you will ever be as good at this mothering thing as everyone else seems to be?

cWorry that you will never feel in control of your life again?

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