Jessica Zucker, PhD – Works Well!

PPD Expert Clinician Recognition of Achievement


Dr. Jessica Zucker is a clinical psychologist specializing in women’s health with a focus on perinatal and postpartum mood disorders, transitions in motherhood, and early parent-child attachment.  Earning a Master’s degree at New York University in Public Health with a focus on international reproductive issues led to working for the Harvard School of Public Health.
After several years of international public health work focused on maternal issues, Dr. Zucker pursued a Master’s degree in Psychology and Human Development at Harvard University with the aim of shifting her work from a global perspective to a more interpersonal focus.  In her clinical practice, she merges her expertise in reproductive health and postpartum psychology.  Dr. Zucker’s research on female identity development came to fruition in her award-winning dissertation while completing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.
Jessica is a published writer and a contributor to The Huffington Post and PBS’ This Emotional Life.  Dr. Zucker is currently writing her first book about mother-daughter relationships and issues surrounding the body (Routledge).  Jessica consults on numerous projects pertaining to maternal health and the motherhood continuum.
Some of you may recall a post I wrote on my Psychology Today blog, which was in response to one of Jessica’s articles. Jessica has been making quite a name for herself in the PPD community and is respected by all as a voice to be listened to. Please familiarize yourself with her work, particularly, her written words. She has important things to say and says them perfectly. Thanks for all you do, Jessica! 

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