More on postpartum depression and bipolar illness

Please note they refer to “severe” postpartum depressive episdoes.

Acute Postpartum Mental Illness Linked To Later Bipolar Diagnosis (via redOrbit)

Women suffering from postpartum depression shortly after giving birth are more likely to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder later in life, according to a Danish study published Monday in the Archives of General Psychiatry. The study is the first to draw the connection between the two conditions. The…

One Response to More on postpartum depression and bipolar illness

  1. It wasn’t clear to me, are they referring ONLY to women who had psychotic symptoms postpartum? Or anyone with “severe” depressive symptoms?

    This sentence is what made it unclear for me “The researchers excluded women with an initial diagnosis of bipolar disorder, since they were interested in women with other psychoses that later became bipolar.”

    I think the picture is VERY different if only those women who have psychotic symptoms in the postpartum period are being looked at versus all women who experienced a “severe” depressive episode in the postpartum period. Right?

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