PPD Expert Clinician – Recognition of Achievement


Since attending the PPSC training just three years ago, I can’t believe how much has happened and changed and how much growth has occurred with my specialty of women’s issues, specifically pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders! As the Founder and Executive Director of The Healing Group, bringing awareness to this issue in our community has not been an easy task but has been extremely fulfilling. I have been fortunate enough to meet women in all different scopes of work (therapists, nurses, doulas, midwives, OB’s, Lactation Consultants) who are seeing the need, catching the vision and showing their support. The Healing Group is the first clinic in Utah that specializes in and treats women and men experiencing pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders. We have been educating medical and birth professionals all over the valley and are getting more and more referrals everyday. Our team of now of 7 clinicians will all be attending the PSI conference in Las Vegas further making us experts in our community.

We also just launched our new and improved site as of today. Our goal is from the moment women land on our site is they feel confident that they have found the right place, comfort in knowing there is help and are not alone and experience our commitment to offering the best evidence based treatment around. Piggy backing on our site launch, we will be launching our PR Campaign this Thursday called “Hey Mom…” The goal of Hey Mom…is to raise awareness in our state that “we are all in this together.” It raises awareness, calls people to action offers a variety of ways to receive support and help. There are many ongoing parts and dimensions to the campaign making for an exciting next chapter in our company!

Lastly, I have also co-authored a book being published by Cedar Fort and available in august called Real Intimacy: A Couples Guide for Genuine and Healthy Intimacy. It is a book geared to LDS couples and have included a chapter on intimacy during pregnancy and postpartum as well as a section on recognizing pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders.

Attending your training, and I say this not prompted but out of my own free will, was what really propelled me forward with my clinical niche and practice. It helped me get more connected with the greater national community, broaden my scope of practice, and give me expertise that I wasn’t given in graduate school. Thank you again for your commitment to this work.

Kristin Hodson, MSW, LCSW
Founder/Executive Director/Author
The Healing Group
“Where Women Go For Counseling, Support and Hope.”


 Kristin, you are doing amazing work in such a short time! How wonderful that you have found such success and personal satisfaction. And thanks for your sweet words. It’s an honor to hear I have inspired your work.


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