An Inspiring Weekend

We had a great training this weekend!

Clinicians from Chicago, South Carolina, New York, and Florida gathered to share their expertise and passions. It’s always so inspiring to be a part of this work in progress and listen to the exchange of exciting plans and projects.

Thank you again, Jane, Melinda, Jill, MaryBeth, Brittany, Suzanne and Olivia. You are all poised to continue on your path as experts. I hope you stay in touch and support each other’s efforts.

Sending you my warmest wishes for a successful journey and of course, keep me posted of your steps along the way…

2 Responses to An Inspiring Weekend

  1. Karen,

    Thank you for an awesome weekend. I had so much fun getting to know you and the other amazing women who share the same passions as I do to help other mothers as they navigate the ups and downs of parenthood. I look forward to continuing the journey with everyone over the years!

  2. Brittany,
    You are bursting with passion for this work and your clients are so fortunate to have you advocate for them. Do keep in touch with me and let me know if you need anything along the way…

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