An Important Viewpoint from Israel

There is an incredibly important message not to be missed in this article, “Dealing with Postnatal Depression” by Paul Brown, in the Jerusalem Post.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of sentences that might make some folks cranky so I thought I’d put it out there you can bypass any temptation to respond defensively and listen to the VERY IMPORTANT message at large.

This piece does a great job differentiating postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis and underscores how often the media gets that wrong.

Don’t be distracted by “between relatively uncomplicated postpartum depression” especially if you’ve had a complicated postpartum depression. I know that reference can make women who struggled feel that their experience is being trivialized. Rather, the author is making the comparison that relative to psychosis, depression is less complicated.

And don’t be offended by “Non-psychiatric professionals, most notably general medical practitioners and social workers, don’t have the professional training, knowledge or skills to differentiate cases at risk.”  Be clear that the author is referring to the Israeli community. Here in the United States, some non-psychiatric professionals actually do have the training, knowledge and skills to differentiate cases at risk. And to be sure, some psychiatric professionals do not.  Just sayin.

It is an excellent article with an excellent message.  Tragedies create a media uproar but rarely lead to enduring professional and society responses.  We can prevent bad outcomes by preventing postpartum depression and we can help that happen with adequate support and intervention services.

The author writes with passion for the subject and clarity in his appeal for better understanding and better services. Love this sentence: “With effective medical management, neither postpartum psychosis nor postpartum depression should have an unhappy outcome.”


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