10 Tips To Avoid Online Controversy

When you feel a strong emotional response to an offensive post or comment, keep these thoughts in mind:

  1. Take care of yourself by disengaging.
  2. Try to ignore the rants of others.
  3. Do not take any mean-spirited comment personally. Some people just like to agitate things.
  4. Think twice before responding. Then, think again. Then, wait. Do not respond emotionally.
  5. Cyber negativity is like picking a fight. Walk away.
  6. Do not feel obliged to respond to inflammatory remarks.
  7. There is great strength in silence when timed in response to unsolicited grandstanding.
  8. You cannot argue with crazy. Crazy always wins.
  9. There have been substantial avenues for support forever. Access them.
  10. When you feel the most vulnerable, avoid the Internet and social media outlets.


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