4 Things You Must Do If You Have Postpartum Depression


1) Name it. If you have been given a diagnosis from a doctor you trust, accept this so you can begin to move forward. Acknowledge it.  PPD is a real illness that has a name, a treatment course, and an end to it, called recovery. Do not let your fear convince you that things are hopeless.  You will feel better again.

2) Live with it. As hard as you might try, you cannot make your symptoms go away as quickly as you would like. It is possible for you to live with the symptoms, even if they are difficult to tolerate or make you uncomfortable. Do your best to distract your brain. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good. Avoid people that make you feel bad.

3) Wait. Symptoms do not go away just because you desperately wish that they would. Sometimes, the harder you push, the bigger the symptoms get. Stay present and on course with your treatment. Be patient. Be kind to yourself.

4) Believe in yourself. You can be strong and symptomatic at the same time. You are resilient. You are your own best advocate. Let others help you. Talk about your postpartum depression.


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