Token #4 Token of Selflessness


Token of Selflessness Inventory Read each statement and check the ones you feel are true for you. Put a circle around the boxes which reflect those you need to work on.

  • I am able to consider the needs of my partner without getting defensive.
  • I feel confident in myself enough that I can forfeit what I need in support of our marriage if it is for the better for both of us.
  • I am able to distinguish between giving up something out of strength versus out of weakness.
  • I am patient and understand that by giving to my partner, I will increase the probability that my partner will have more to give me back.
  • I am able to control my emotions and first consider the needs of my partner if we are both stressed.

Any box with a circle around it means you should be alert to this when working together, especially in conflict.

© Tokens of Affection:Reclaiming your Marriage after Postpartum Depression (Routledge, 2014) Kleiman w/Wenzel

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