Token #5 Token of Sanctuary

sanctuaryToken of Sanctuary Inventory

Read each statement and check the ones you feel are true for you. Put a circle around the boxes which reflect those you need to work on.

    • My partner and I have one or more places that we feel comfortable openly discussing hot topics that may be difficult or upsetting to us.
    • I am able to let my partner spend private time in a space that does not include me, without feeling threatened or excluded.
    • I respect my partner’s need for alone time, but if need be, I know how to carefully and effectively reach into that space and get their attention.
    • We are good at reserving our disagreements for the right time and place.
    • I am good at reading my partner’s signals if I have overstepped a boundary or mistakenly spoken picked the wrong time and place to talk about something.

Any box with a circle around it means you should be alert to this when working together, especially in conflict.


© Tokens of Affection:Reclaiming your Marriage after Postpartum Depression (Routledge, 2014) Kleiman w/Wenzel

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