Honoring Ilyene Barsky, MSW

RE-POST: Those of us who attended this past weekend’s PSI conference were fortunate enough to listen to the lovely and brilliant Diana Lynn Barnes, PsyD, MFT, speak eloquently about her beloved friend and long time colleague, Ilyene Barsky. Ilyene shares the small podium of pioneering women who started getting the word out on postpartum depression long before anyone else was doing so and thus, was honored with the new Ilyene Barsky Award.

Diana captured Ilyene’s essence perfectly and spoke with the passion and reverence that only someone who knew her intimately could do, and presented her award, on behalf of Ilyene’s memory, to Linda Meyer, PSI coordinator for Missouri. Congrats, Linda!

For those of you who have not been blessed to know and love Ilyene, I share with you the words she wrote for the Afterword of my book, “Dropping the Baby and Other Scary Thoughts.” The timing of the book’s publication was such that it coincided with Ilyene’s declining days. We talked at length about her interest in getting her message out, helping others, always learning, teaching, yearning to make a difference.

Although weakened from her illness and often too tired to put thoughts together, she jumped at the chance to express her wise words in this way and make them available for all to read.

So please do.

Afterword by Ilyene Barsky

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