Bringing Nursing Support to the PPSC

Pam Williams

We are so thrilled to announce that Pam Williams PhD, RNC has joined our team of awesome professionals in our Rosemont Office. Pam is an Assistant Professor, at the School of Nursing at Widener University and researcher and brings years of experience, both academic and clinical to our practice.

What we are most excited about is that we are now able to offer a more comprehensive healing program by integrating the physical care component. As this newest research shows, moms who are in less pain, may have less risk for depression during the postpartum period.

Pam is in a position talk to women about any concerns they have that may be impacting their pregnancy or recovery from childbirth, such as

testing procedures


concerns about labor or delivery

pain from incisions, episiotomies

any medical complication

breastfeeding concerns, such as latching or engorgement

physical changes

body image

…Just to name a few

Mothers or couples can make an appointment to meet with Pam as an adjunct to their work with a therapist here, or they arrange to see her any way that meets their needs.


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