Choose Life


Many of you who have read my books or attending my trainings are familiar with the metaphor closest to my heart, that of a butterfly, and how we use it to symbolize joy during postpartum healing.

If you are not familiar with it, click here to read the post from Psychology Today on the subject.

Today, I was reminded of a piece my mother wrote (she has been a prolific writer long before I ever dreamed I could live up to her creative achievements).

It’s call “Choose Life.”

She wrote it for a friend of hers who was struggling with depression.

I thought I would share it here so others could benefit from her words of wisdom. I am forever inspired by this beautiful woman.

If it can help just one of you, I will be grateful.

Choose Life

Miriam Raskin

In days of old when we placed

our choicest words of wisdom

in the mouths of oracles, or dreams,

or even in the Voice of God,

to give them strength and power

and force we thought they

wouldn’t have if heard from us,

it was then we say God spoke

the most important words

we’ll ever hear: Choose Life,

I put before you life and death:

choose life. And yes, it’s true,

still true, we have that choice,

that holy choice to make

each day we wake again to light

and find our breath still with us.

Hear me now, not God, but

me, your friend who knows

the darkness, saying straight to you:

choose life, this very moment,

not when you’re looking

down from a mountain top

at harmony and peace

but when you look up and find

there is no light anywhere around

and all is blackness and despair,

when pain screams out from every mouth,

when honey tastes like poison on

your tongue, and your life’s worth

less than the clothes you barely

manage to put on, then, then,

choose life, and, more,

seek the treasure hiding from you,

and find just a tiny spark of joy.

It is our task, our holiest task,

to find the sparks of joy within our reach.

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