BE HAPPY: (How is that working for you?)



Does that make you feel better?

Does it help you feel in control of your life?

Does it inspire you to walk down the street grinning at strangers?

Does it fill your heart with unbridled joy?

Does it make you feel grateful and warm your heart?


Does it make you feel inadequately unhappy.

Does it reinforce the fact that you are doing something wrong?

Does it isolate you from the rest of the world who seem to be better at this happy thing, or at least, better at pretending they have mastered it?

Does it make you feel incapable of meeting the expectations that life puts in front of you? Does it make you feel worse than you did before you read it?


Does it make you think you should incorporate some new skills?

Does it encourage you to modify your life in healthy ways that might take the edge off of your anxiety?

Does it motivate you to make small changes that might improve your mood?


How do you feel when you read the gazillion posts, memes, blogs, advertisements and book titles that promise quick fixes to immediate and lasting happiness? Such as:

9 Tips in Life that Lead to 16 Tips for Living a Happy Life Starting Right Now

Top 7 Tips for How to Be Happy

Cultivating Happiness: Five Tips to Get More Satisfaction

10 Instant Tips to be Happier Now 

15 Tips to Boost Your Well-Being and Happiness 

Is it working for you?

Do you eagerly click, searching for the panacea?

Is it a relief or a burden? Or, both? Does it let you down or inspire you to follow a new path?

Do words like “now”, “instant”, “promise” “immediate” pressure you to remain stagnant or prompt you to move forward?

The marketing of happiness is at an all time high.

I’m wondering how it makes you feel….



image credit: Mindful Travel

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