New Jersey Location Retires


After much consideration, we made the decision to retire the New Jersey location of The Postpartum Stress Center.

In 2009, The Postpartum Stress & Family Wellness Center (NJ), LLC. was opened as an adjunct to The Postpartum Stress Center, LLC (Founded in 1988). For almost most seven years we have served the South Jersey area providing general counseling services and support for the perinatal community. Recently, I have found myself dividing my time between obligations with the New Jersey office and my  commitments to our primary Pennsylvania practice.

I have reached a wonderful point in my satisfying career, where I can now choose to consolidate the offices in order to focus on the PPSC post-graduate trainings, which continue to meet the growing needs of therapists from around the world who seek professional training and mentoring, my writing, which is my passion, and of course, my clinical practice, which takes up the majority of almost every day. I look forward to expanding our Pennsylvania offices and services while pursuing writing and teaching.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each therapist and support staff (especially Heather, who has been indispensable!) who has been devoted to the PSFWC as well as everyone who has trusted us to refer their patients, clients, family member to our therapists.

The office closed 12/15/15.  Anyone currently being seen by one of our therapists can rest assured that we will continue to provide services until that date and at that time, we will make certain you have referral names and contact information to make a smooth transition. There are many wonderful therapists in the South NJ area, many of whom have received training and supervision from The Postpartum Stress Center. We will be happy to provide referral information.

Do not hesitate to contact us at our home office in Pennsylvania (610-525-7527) for any reason.

After years of excellent service and clinical practice, we continue to be available to provide support, education, psychotherapy, psychiatric support and professional training. Let us know how we can help. PPSC-25th-final

    With warmest regards,


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