Pay Attention to Your Marriage


Fathers are at risk for depression and anxiety after the birth of their baby.  If their wife has PPD, husbands are most at risk as she begins to recover. As noted in THIS ISN’T WHAT I EXPECTED:

“As you continue to recover and resume normal activities, an interest­ing phenomenon may occur. You may find that your husband begins to decompensate. As you get stronger, the equilibrium of the relationship often shifts, and your husband may relax his hold on whatever psycho­logical resources helped get him through this crisis. Though he, too, was overwhelmed, he may have suppressed these feelings. It’s as if when you needed oxygen, he held his breath, but now he needs extra air. As you get stronger, he may begin to let some of these feel­ings surface and may become disillusioned, exhausted, irritable, or depressed. When this occurs, women often respond with confusion and anger: ‘I’m finally feeling better, and now you fall apart?'”

Postpartum depression is hard on both of you. Pay attention to your marriage.

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