Additional PPSC Programs

Postpartum Depression Prevention Program

Women with a history of postpartum depression or other psychiatric history are at risk for symptoms of depression or anxiety after childbirth. At The Postpartum Stress Center we have found that one of the best strategies for intervention is…

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Depression and Anxiety Support During Pregnancy

Although many people may fantasize about the joys and emotional well-being of pregnancy, for some women, particularly those with a history of psychiatric illness, pregnancy can be an emotionally vulnerable time.  Studies show up to 20% of women suffer…

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Adjunctive PPSC Services

We are aware that facing perinatal and reproductive challenges can exact a huge emotional and physical toll on everyone involved. The PPSC is dedicated to providing high quality comprehensive care in a supportive and safe environment. In addition to…

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PPSC Consultation Initial Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in The Postpartum Stress Center, LLC phone consultation.

While we strongly prefer in-person evaluations, we do our best to make professional consultations available to families who are not local and unable to meet face-to-face. Please…

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