Adjunctive PPSC Services

We are aware that facing perinatal and reproductive challenges can exact a huge emotional and physical toll on everyone involved. The PPSC is dedicated to providing high quality comprehensive care in a supportive and safe environment. In addition to the counseling services and support groups for pregnant and postpartum women, the following programs have been established to enhance a family’s adjustment potential and minimize the risk of depression/anxiety which may accompany many of these challenges.

Adoption Advocate Services

  • Birth-mother evaluation and support
  • Adoptive parents evaluation and support

Donor Egg Assessment

Partners entering a donor egg or embryo arrangement are encouraged to complete a psychological evaluation to discuss the psychological issues related to this process.

Maternity Intervention Program

Rapid on-site assessment on consultative basis as needed post-delivery. Referrals may be made from the mother or the treating facility.

Neonatal Intensive Care Support Program

Staff is available to assist families during this critical adjustment period on a consultative basis on-site at the hospital until outpatient support is feasible.

Parenting 101

4-session crash course on parenting issues customized to meet the specialized needs of a family in crisis.

Perinatal Loss Support

Support for miscarriage, newborn loss, termination and stillbirth.

M.E.S.H. (Mothers Engaged to Stay Healthy)™

Structured 8-week support program covering a variety of topics.
Click here for M.E.S.H. flyer 

Pregnancy Support Program

Risk assessment and support for women with a history of postpartum depression or who are at risk for postpartum depression when considering a first or subsequent pregnancy.

Women’s Therapy Group

Insight-oriented, therapist-facilitated group for women interested in exploring a variety of issues.

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