Alishia Kalos, PsyD., Affiliate

Dr. Alishia Kalos is a licensed psychologist with specialized experience in addressing sexual and relational concerns such as intimacy, communication, desire, arousal, satisfaction, and pain. She also has specialized experience working with individuals/couples managing a range of health-related changes.

Dr. Kalos provides services in English and Spanish. Dr. Kalos has extensive training utilizing Cognitive Behavioral (e.g., CBT, Schema, Problem-Solving) and Mindfulness-based approaches and also utilizes psychodynamic approaches. Her approach is tailored based on each person/couple’s unique constellation of personal, relational, spiritual/religious experiences, expectations, and goals.

Therapy is like having a sacred space where you can momentarily step out of everything else that is going on and be wholly dedicated and devoted to your personal, spiritual, and emotional nurturance and growth.

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