Chandra Campana, MA, LPC, IBCLC

Chandra Campana, MA, LPC, IBCLC is a licensed professional counselor with over 14 years of experience in the field of mental health. She acquired a Master’s of Science in Clinical Art therapy from Springfield College, MA. Early in her career, Chandra worked with adolescent females living in residential facilities, where she aided in processing issues of trauma, life transitions and depression. Her passion for working with woman evolved when she completed her graduate research, which focused on art therapy as a means to treat anorexia in adolescent females. In 2012, she expanded on her practice of assisting women by becoming an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, currently working at Pennsylvania Hospital. As issues with breastfeeding can often exacerbate symptoms of perinatal mood disorders, being an IBCLC provides specialized knowledge and practice to assist mothers in moving past negative thinking around perceived breastfeeding disappointments and challenges. Her theoretical orientation is in CBT, aiding in the processing of how your thoughts impact your feelings and behaviors. When appropriate, she includes elements of art therapy in her approach, where art is a bridge to enable expression when verbalization is difficult.

The transition into motherhood is a major life change that not only affects a mother’s body, but also challenges expectations, brings shifts in identity, and vulnerability of emotional state. Like any new transition, this adjustment can feel overwhelming and create both joyous and worrisome emotions. It is my goal to help mothers move through this time by expressing their thoughts and emotions in the safety of the therapeutic environment.

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